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Creating A Long Life Of Optimal Health

We believe that health is not just the absence of disease, but a state of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. At PrimeLife Integrative Medicine, it’s our goal to help you create optimal health for living a vibrant life, for feeling good in your body!

While it is easy to think of one’s health as only being affected by the maintenance of our internal organs, it’s just not that simple.

The external factors that we face in our day-to-day life have just as much of an effect on how we feel. Managing both the external and internal aspects is a priority at PrimeLife, as we want our patients and clients to enjoy long and sustainable health.

The following aspects are what we prioritize in our daily practices as we strive to promote sustainable health among our patients:

  • Improve health for everyone, not just those who walk through our doors – Promoting healthy lifestyle choices encourages sustainable health for more than just our patients. We encourage patients to educate friends and family about healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Use more accessible, and less expensive, treatment methods – Maintaining one’s health is a daily project unto itself, there’s no need to make it any more complicated by making it difficult to find care… or pay for it. Our treatment methods are modern, effective, easy-to-implement, and cost effective. That way we can break down the barriers of traditional healthcare to treat everyone.
  • Environmentalism is important, even to your health – Improving the environment is more than a political talking point. Pollution can have detrimental effects on the body, and man-made environmental disasters can have significant after effects that have been shown to worsen the health of nearby residents. Encouraging environmental protection is essential to improving the external factors that face you and your loved ones and directly affect quality of health

Health is wealth… because when you’re sick, you quickly realize that without health, there’s little freedom to fully enjoy life.

Our goal it to not only help you resolve any chronic symptoms, but also teach you the science behind optimal wellness. This includes balancing your hormones and gut health, eating the proper diet (that works uniquely for your biology) and avoiding the pitfalls of modern living (such as highly toxic foods, environments, and anything else) that might be impacting the healthy, natural balance of your body. 

Sadly, conventional medicine does little in the way of prevention or focusing on the systems that rule your immunity. Most primary care providers aren’t trained (nor have the time in a standard 7-minute visit) to teach you how to keep chronic illness at bay – by healing your gut health, balancing hormone health, and feeding your brain with the correct foods.

Conventional medical training also treats each organ as separate and  doesn’t take into account that all these systems are not only deeply linked but they can also impact each other when one is out of balance.

This is why it’s important to supplement your existing care approach when your needs go beyond acute care – which is why you should partner with a qualified Functional Medicine practitioner.

As Functional Medicine practitioners, we prioritize specific aspects and principles of health in our programs.

We also empower you with the knowledge and coaching so that you can implement them in your life – and this is how we promote sustainable, longterm health among our patients.

    • Functional Medicine Testing – This in-depth and more sophisticated form of lab testing allows us to see exactly which systems are out of balance and how they may be impacting each other. Here’s where our clinical expertise comes into play and how we are able to craft the ideal healing protocol for you.
    • A Focus on Gut Health, The Core of Your Immune System – Your gut health is ruled by helpful flora (your microbiome) and is key when it comes to good health. Sadly, this new science hasn’t made it into conventional medical training yet, but we apply testing and food as medicine practices to keep your microbiome flourishing.
    • Food As Medicine- Food can indeed be your medicine if you know what truly ails you. That’s why we combine the most current, nutritional diet with the findings from your testing to find the most healing diet for you.
    • Find the Best Environment – Sadly, our food, water, and earth are more polluted than ever. Pollution can have detrimental effects on the body, and many man-made toxins as well as heavy metals have found their way into our food and water sources. This is why we teach health practices around proper detox, what to avoid with food and water sources, and how to deal with toxic environments like in the case of mold contamination.

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