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Melanie L. Plain, MSPAS, PA-C

Melanie Plain, MSPAS, PA-C, graduated from Iowa State University with her undergraduate degree in Exercise and Sport Science and went on to study medicine at Des Moines University obtaining her Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies.

Melanie has advanced training in Functional Medicine and Hormone Replacement and has completed her Integrative Medicine Fellowship with Dr. Andrew Weil through the Arizona Center of Integrative Medicine.

After practicing full-time Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine, she became overly aware of the limitations that “conventional” medicine posed. As a response to this, Melanie began studying integrative medicine and mind/body/spirit healing methods, along with herbalism and nutritional supplementation that are known to improve health and balance hormones naturally. PrimeLife encompasses 20+ years of specialty training including integrative and functional medicine, exercise physiology, massage and wellness-based practices that we share with patients s that they can incorporate these healing modalities into their life to support their self-healing.

Her philosophy for diagnosing and treating hormone imbalance lies in a comprehensive approach that combines both physical and mental-emotional and relational treatment methods. In addition to utilizing these treatments effectively, she also strives to teach patients that their hormone health and general well-being is dependent on:

  • A well-functioning GI system and hormone axis that is supported through nutritious foods
  • A healthy body that is pain-free, along with a balanced emotional state, and a positive mindset
  • A supportive network of relationships with friends, family, and medical practitioners

She is proud to bring her decades of medical knowledge to her own clinic, PrimeLife. She is equally honored to be joined by such an exciting and experienced team that she has recruited to work alongside her.

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